Guitar lessons from professional guitarist and music traveler Joep Pelt!

No boring theory or reading notes, learn to play by ear! Together we will choose songs and make a plan to help you develop as a guitarist. I have been teaching guitar according to my own method for 20 years and have experience with all playing levels and ages.

My Specialties


Fingerpicking (or fingerstyle) guitar is a technique where you play the bass strings with your thumb and the high strings with your fingertips. This way you can create a melody while playing your own accompaniment! Here is a video of me playing “Jumper on a line” that I learned from R.L. Burnside in Mississippi.

Slide Guitar

Slide guitar is a technique in which you hold a hard object (a slide) against the strings. This way you can create glissando effects and deep vibratos that reflect characteristics of the human singing voice. I have been playing slide guitar for over thirty years. Here is a video of me playing the slide guitar instrumental “Dark was the night” by Blind Willie Johnson.


I have been writing my own songs for decades in many different styles and have analysed many more. In my guitar lessons I can give you songwriting tips for both lyrics and the accompaniment. Here is a video of a song that I wrote, “Don’t Leave Me Now”.



Joep is an inspiration and makes you look at your instrument differently.


The repertoire is cool and Joep very professional. Also nice is all the background information that Joep tells about all new songs.


I already had some experience playing the guitar, but I keep learning something new every week.


An ideal lesson for when you are interested in finkerpicking. Moreover, you get free fun anecdotes and stories with it 🙂


Joep’s lessons are very effective, after a few lessons you will notice a big difference in your level and playing pleasure.


He teaches me different techniques and different styles. The nice thing is that he is always open to his own input of songs.


Very nice approach, which gets me motivated to play again.


… an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, flexible and humorous guitar teacher. Highly recommended!


Joep is very good at making contact online, and also teaching well!


I have improved a lot in my guitar playing and have learned many new playing techniques, which makes it much easier for me to play along with songs I hear.


… a handy, short video with instructions is made at the end. This way you can easily practice your lesson.


Joep’s enthusiasm for playing guitar leads you through the guitar lessons.


Even from a distance, Joep was able to transfer it well to our son. Enjoy a lesson and learn quickly.


He pays close attention to what you can already do and builds on that with just one step further. Recommended!


… before you know it, you suddenly learned a wide range of guitar techniques.

Temple Fang

Joep is an enthusiastic, patient teacher, with a deep knowledge of all matters fingerstyle guitar, definitely recommended!


Very enthusiastic guitar teacher who teaches with passion! Has good tips to help a beginner get started.


I myself have had lessons with Joep for almost 2 years now and I never thought I could play the guitar like this.guitarist.


Joep has introduced me to fingerpicking Delta Blues guitar playing in a tailor-made and skilful way.


People around me tell me that I’ve really started to play better.